What about the updated edition of Taming the Tiger, published by New Wine Press? (Updated 28/7/2015)

UPDATED 28/8/2015—Added additional information about John Petley, Editor of the revised edition.

In July 2015, almost exactly two years after Taming the Tiger was initially removed from publication by Authentic Media, due to major holes in the story, and a lack of evidence to support key claims made in the book, and repeated by Mr. Anthony in public conversation, a revised edition of the book has been published, by New Wine Press, an imprint of Roper Penberthy.

When the book was removed from print by Authentic Media in 2013, the rights to the book reverted to Mr. Anthony, who was then free to republish the book elsewhere. Authentic Media have had nothing to do with the republication of this book, and continue to distance themselves from it. During conversations with their director, Steve Mitchell, I was personally informed that “no amount” of disclaimers and revisions should convince any reputable publisher to reprint the book as it was fundamentally “untrue”.

Roper Penberthy, the owners of New Wine Press “…acts as a contract publishing house to enable organisations and self-publishing individuals to publish books and magazines and maximise the return they receive from their intellectual capital” and therefore publish a lot of books for which it has little editorial insight, and have not commissioned. Unfortunately, these sort of “print-on-demand” contract publishers, which often have relaxed, or in some cases, non-existat editorial and fact checking standards have been responsible for the publication of a number of factually inaccurate works in the past, with some providers, like Lulu, allowing anyone with a word processor and internet access to put their work in print, with no up-front costs, and no editing, fact checking or proof reading required.

However, in the case of Taming the Tiger, Richard Roper, co-owner of Roper Penberthy, is personally thanked by Mr. Anthony in the acknowledgments of the new edition for “seeing it through to completion” and John Petley, another Roper Penberthy published author, is listed as the editor. Mr. Petley was not the editor of the original edition of the book, and appears to have been brought on board specifically for this edition.

Both Mr. Roper and Mr. Petley were both formerly members of Living Stones Community Church in Eastbourne, indicating that they personally know each other, and that therefore Roper Penberthy likely arranged for Mr. Petley to carry out this editorial work on Mr. Anthony’s behalf.

This, coupled with correspondence between the author of this site and Mr. Roper all indicates that Roper Penberthy have been a lot more actively involved in the republication of Taming the Tiger than would be typical for a contract publisher.

They appear to believe that the story is, essentially true, and that it is of more value in print as an evangelism tool than it would be out of print. They seem to believe that Mr. Anthony should be treated as innocent until proven guilty, and that the evidence against him has not proved his story is fundamentally untrue—we clearly disagree.

They are aware of this site, and of the specific claims levied against Mr. Anthony, but, in the main disagree with the conclusions raised by his critics, and believe the onus is on them to produce specific evidence that Mr. Anthony lied, rather than requiring him to provide positive evidence of his claims.

We, obviously, disagree with this methodology entirely. We believe that “proving” a negative is, essentially, impossible, and that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to support them. Nonetheless, the book has been republished by Roper Penberthy, essentially, on the strength of Mr. Anthony’s personal assurances that it is true.

We are currently working through an in-depth reading book, and updating our site to reflect the changes found in the new version of the book. However, in the main, after our first quick reading of the book, we are confident in making the following claims about the book:

  1. The editorial team at Roper Penberthy have removed and changed several of the most egregious and indefensible factual errors found in the book, specifically, those relating to the impossible timeline presented therein, for which we commend them.
  2. In its original form, the book also had a large number of typographical, spelling and grammar errors, which have now also been corrected. In its current form, it reads slightly more naturally and freely, although is quite clear that updated parts of the book were not written by the same author as the original, and the style of the new and updated parts is subtly different.
  3. The new edition of the book finally features the long-promised disclaimer regarding changes of names of people, places, and organisations, and the use of scenes with “dramatised with authentic, though not necessarily actual dialogue”. This is tucked away on the copyright page, an industry standard, but perhaps not the most ideal location for this disclaimer, given the controversy about the book.
  4. Unfortunately, the overall narrative is essentially unchanged, and still contains claims that simply cannot be taken seriously, absent any evidence in support of them.
  5. Attempts to clarify the timeline in the text, in places, make for almost comically awkward reading, and demonstrate how clearly Mr. Anthony intended for the story to be presented sequentially when he initially formulated it and told it to his ghost writer, Angela Little.
  6. The removal and clarification of certain disputed facts also demonstrate how implausible the presented narrative is in places.
    • For example, in previous editions of the book, when describing his experience after hitting a motorcyclist with his car, he claimed simply that he “took another route home”. Following the publication of the book, and the concerns about the truthfulness of the story, people have visited the location of the accident, and discovered that, in fact, the only “alternative route” was to turn around and go in the opposite direction. In the 2015 revision, this is made explicit, and it now reads “I got in the car, turned it around and headed home” [emphasis mine]. This new revelation, however, makes his continued claim that he did not know what he had hit even harder to believe.
      If he turned the car around, this would have resulted in a nearly 8 mile detour, while “The food was getting cold”. It would have also meant driving past the body a second time, while, Ms. Bracewell was still lying in the road, near the curb. This new more accurate, presentation of the events of that night indicates quite clearly that these were not the actions of a man who simply believed he hit an animal, but a man who knew exactly what he had done was being deliberately evasive to avoid being seen in the vicinity of the accident at that time.

On the whole, while we will certainly be updating our site to reflect changes found in the new edition, our conclusions remain unchanged. While small, minor and insignificant details have been changed and clarified, the larger issues with the presented narrative, still exist in this book.

The book presents no new evidence, in support of the most extraordinary claims Mr. Anthony makes. It is still presented as a True Story, it still claims that Mr. Anthony is a three time Kung Fu World Champion, in spite of no-one within the kung fu world ever having heard of him. It still presents him as being the right hand man of an international diplomat, no record of whom has ever been found. It still represents him as being honest, cooperative and contrite once the police discovered he was involved in the accident, when in fact, he was described as being dishonest and manipulative throughout the process, according to the sentencing judge.

In the main, it unfortunately remains our conclusion that the revised edition of the book, like the original, is essentially a work of fiction, concocted by a manipulative and dishonest man. We cannot, in good conscience, recommend that anyone purchases this book, uses it as a tool for evangelism, or supports the ministry of Mr. Anthony, until he is able to provide any kind of evidence in support of his claims.

***UPDATE: 28th August 2015***

We have recently been made aware of certain additional pieces of information which help to clarify the involvement of John Petley, the editor of the current edition of the book.

As the article mentions, RoperPenberthy had previously published Mr. Petley’s book “Providence, Piety and Power”, and Mr. Petley had also done some freelance proofreading work for them. Proofreading and copy editing is not Mr. Petley’s full time job, however.

We understand that Mr. Petley was contacted by RoperPenberthy to carry out the editing work on a freelance basis with a very specific remit, and a very tight deadline. Mr. Petley was asked to incorporate the information Ian Bruce had presented on his website to address the “weaknesses” present in the original. Most of the editing work was completed over a short period of time, over the Christmas holidays.

Mr. Petley was not fully aware of the specific issues with the book, having not heard of Tony Anythony or Taming the Tiger prior to being asked to edit it. Mr. Petley agreed to do the job, based on his existing relationship with RoperPenberthy, and his perception of the integrity of Ian Bruce.

Mr. Petley completed the task he was contracted to do, and has since moved on from the project.

We understand that Mr. Petley has no vested interest in vindicating Mr. Anthony. He only had intermittent contact with him by phone and e-mail during the editing process and has had virtually no contact since. He worked under contract to RoperPenberthy as a freelance editor to complete a specific task, which he sought to do the best of his ability.


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