Questions and Answers

On 13th March 2014, my shop was contacted by someone who directed us to the website of Mr Ian Bruce,, which presented apparent answers to most of the claims brought against Tony Anthony. We agreed to review the information presented, and update, or if necessary, retract, previously published information, in light of this evidence if we found it credible.

We have no doubt that Mr. Bruce is motivated by a genuine desire to find the truth, and approached his evidence in good faith. Follows our responses to the questions, answers and evidence he has provided.

These questions are responded to in the same order as they are presented on Mr. Bruce’s website at

We encourage you to read his answers prior to reading our responses. Please click the question to view our response, or click here to view all questions and answers in a single page (warning –this document is approximately 14,000 words long, and over 25 pages long if printed) [Single page link coming soon]

1. Is “Tony Anthony” a real person, and is “Tony Anthony” his real name? Has anyone verified Tony Anthony’s identity and genealogy details? Has Tony Anthony changed his name to conceal a crime? Why would Tony Anthony have had a Chinese given name as a child?

2. Is “Taming the Tiger” a true story or is it built only on the foundation of his word with absolutely no concrete evidence to support it?

3. Was “Tony Anthony” really a 3-Time Kung Fu World Champion?

4. Is it true: a)-Tony Anthony went to Nicosia Central Prison in Cyprus b)-Tony Anthony was incarcerated in Cyprus in December 1989 aged 18 years and 5 months c)-Tony Anthony worked within the criminal ‘underworld’?

5. Is the IKFF a real organization?

6. Is Michael Wright a real person or was he made up to embellish Tony Anthony’s story?

7. The claim that Michael Wright was a stranger appears to be inconsistent with what Tony Anthony shares with his live audiences. On page 110 of “Taming the Tiger” Tony Anthony says that he had already heard of Mr Wright prior to his imprisonment from members of a church group who told him: “You must come round and meet Michael Wright… He’s from Northern Ireland but he lives here now. You two would really get on.” Then on page 135 of “Taming the Tiger” a fellow prisoner called Andy says he should get in touch with Wright. Why does Tony Anthony so frequently say that he got an unsolicited letter from a stranger who had seen his picture in the newspaper and wanted to say “hello”?

8. Tony Anthony was not raised by his grandfather in China, because his grandfather died before Tony Anthony was born. How do you explain this?

9. It has been said that “Globe-trotting evangelist, Tony Anthony and his wife Sara tour the world together”. Is this true?

10. Has Tony Anthony’s wife and children left him? [sic]

11. Tony Anthony has sold so many books that he is now a millionaire, living in a privately owned home with a luxurious swimming pool in his back garden. Is this true?

12. What happened to Tony Anthony’s mum and dad?

13. Does Tony Anthony really have a Chinese mother, because he does not look very Chinese?

14. Tony Anthony’s father/dad: a)-Is not Italian, but Greek Cypriot. b)-Is not Italian, but is in actual fact from Cyprus. Are these statements true?

15. Tony Anthony has committed plagiarism in his books copying whole sections from people such as Bruce Lee and Julian Batchelor. Is this true?

16. Does Tony Anthony have scars on his arms which would fit with his account of carrying the hot cauldron in Taming The Tiger?

17. Are there White Tigers in China?

18. How was Tony Anthony able to get across to China as a child during the Cultural Revolution and why was this not mentioned in the book?

19. Can Tony Anthony speak Chinese, as he failed to read some Chinese script that was presented to him?

21. What were the locations in China where Tony Anthony trained in Kung Fu and the association or  associations which awarded him his martial arts awards?

22. How can Tony Anthony have done so much in such a short space of time? It is just impossible for anyone to go through so much in their life. Tony Anthony is only in his early forties, so how can any of his stories be true?”

23. Tony Anthony actually had a happy childhood and was not raised in China. It has already been proven that he went to school in the UK. Is this true?

24. During roughly half a decade before prison Tony Anthony was an elite bodyguard for “some of the world’s most powerful people”. Therefore, his international career would have begun in his early teens? How does that work?

25. A query has been raised regarding the Saudi experience at the Le Meridien. One person says that the Le Meridien Hotel that Tony Anthony stayed at in Riyadh was not built until 2006, and offers internet links that seem to reference the intention for Le Meridien to open a new hotel in Riyadh in 2006

26. A query has been raised regarding the Saudi experience and “Hostile Takeover”. It has been suggested that the premise for this trip to Riyadh was clearly false, since Hostile takeovers began to take place in the 1970s and 1980s, yet were still rare in London and New York. The Saudi stock market was not even in existence in the early 1980s (link given). The Saudi stock market only opened to foreigners in 2011 (link given). [Sic]

27. Some have alleged that Tony Anthony would have been 14 when he started working for the Saudi Ambassador in London. He would have been 11 or 12 when he acted as the bodyguard to the American businessman involved in a hostile takeover in Saudi Arabia, which would not have been legally possible until November 2011.

28. Tony Anthony claims to have worked as a bodyguard to a number of wealthy jet-setting clients before becoming “first hand man” and close protection officer to the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to London, Amin Fahed. But there is no record of any Saudi Arabian diplomat called Amin Fahed. The Saudi ambassador to London at the time was Sheikh Nasser Almanqour. How do you explain this?

29. Tony Anthony claims to have worked for some interesting people like the owner of the Empire state Building in Manhattan, New York. Research shows the list of past owners (i.e. the beneficial owners of the holding company) at the time when Tony Anthony was in close protection was Peter Malkin or Laurence Wien (Peter Wien’s father-in-law). Which one of these men did Tony Anthony guard?

30. “In 2001…I knocked a lady from her bike” This did not happen in 2001, but in 2000. Tony Anthony was convicted in 2001, 18 months later because of his persistence in perverting the course of justice. What is to be said about this?

31. Tony Anthony killed a lady in a tragic road accident, and lied to the Police. He did not show any remorse in killing the motorcyclist. If he is truly repentant, why has he not spoken about this?

32. Is it true that Tony Anthony lied to the Police and the court regarding his car accident?

33. Tony Anthony uses a false date of birth and this can be seen on his wedding certificate where he has used a false date of birth. Is this true, and can you explain this?

34. Why has Tony Anthony stopped practising Kung Fu?

35. Please provide evidence that it is very common to start training at such a young age as Tony Anthony claims and to become a master of Kung Fu from the age of 14?

36. Did Tony Anthony admit liability for the car accident when the police arrived at his home?

37. Pages 206-207 in “Taming the Tiger” state “Very early the next morning, there was a loud knock at the door. I leapt out of bed and ran downstairs. Half a dozen policemen with dogs barged in as I opened the door…We couldn’t tell our story fast enough. No more lies. We were both desperate to spill out the details of this dreadful accident.” Is this true?

38. For what charge or charges was Tony Anthony sentenced to fifteen months imprisonment?

39. Tony Anthony crafts the impression that he received an unjustifiably hefty sentence for the accident, omitting to mention additional convictions. Is this true?

40. Is Tony Anthony’s testimony false in any way?

41. There are many negative and worrying things about Tony Anthony’s testimony being circulated on the WWW and in the Media [sic]

42. Why was Tony Anthony investigated by the EA and why did Avanti Ministries close?

43. Why has Tony Anthony not made any public response or attempt to defend himself from the various accusations that have been made against him?


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