About Tony Anthony

I will keep this brief.

The evidence against Tony Anthony is strong. The questions this evidence raises deserves real answers.

Mr. Anthony has not provided these.

I have given Mr. Anthony what we feel is a very fair offer. I agreed to retract all of our comments about him, repent of any sins towards him, and fully endorse him, his testimony, and his future ministry if he could provide just three pieces of documentary evidence which validate three key claims of his story. I agreed to do so under a non-disclosure agreement, which fully negated any potential fallout from this information being released into the public—Mr. Anthony’s primary claimed reason he has not done so. Mr. Anthony declined.

I see no other explanation for this than that the evidence simply doesn’t exist.

The only conclusion I can therefore draw at this time is that significant parts of Mr. Anthony’s pre-conversion testimony simply did not happen, and numerous facts about his post-conversion life have been embellished deliberately.

Indeed, as we have demonstrated, some of the evidence provided by Mr. Bruce actually harms Mr. Anthony’s credibility, and adds serious and significant additional problems to his presented narrative.

I accept that some of the evidence against Mr. Anthony is circumstantial. I fully accept that Mr. Anthony may be in a position to provide explanation and evidence to counter some of the claims against him. However, I also believe that given the sheer weight of the evidence against him, the burden of proof very much rests with Tony Anthony and his supporters.

Unfortunately, no such proof has been offered either at or directly by Mr. Anthony. Therefore, I have no option but to conclude that all of the claims against him are accurate.

About His Supporters

Some have suggested that Mr. Anthony’s supporters, like Mr. Ian Bruce are shills, that they are aware of Mr. Anthony’s deception, and are facilitating these.

I do not believe this is the case. As we have seen, Mr. Anthony is an excellent actor. For the vast majority of his ministry career, he successfully convinced the vast majority of his audiences, including myself, that his claims are true. It is sad, but unsurprising, that he continues to be able to do so with some those who have invested so much in his ministry.

I believe that they are simply further victims of a professional liar.

I believe that they are Christian brothers and sisters, and I continue to uphold them in prayer. I do not believe that we need to break fellowship with these believers due simply to to their having been deceived. Sadly, the Bible makes clear that Christians can indeed fall for deception, if it were not so, the Bible would not spend so much time warning believers against it. Therefore, I continue to seek fellowship with those, like Mr. Bruce, and John Lawson of Escape Ministries, in spite of their being deceived by Mr. Anthony.

I pray for them, that God would grant them discernment, and allow them to see the truth about Mr. Anthony.

What Happens Next?

First and foremost, I encourage you to pray about this.

I would ask you to do with my claims as I am asking you to do with Mr. Anthony’s—test them, and the spirit behind them against the scriptures and against the facts.

If I have made any claim that is contrary to the scriptures, or is factually inaccurate, please disregard it, and more, tell me about it. I stand ready and willing to retract any statement which is either contrary to the scripture, or not backed up by evidence. Furthermore, I am more than ready to repent of any sinful motives which may have crept in and tainted this. If I am speaking out of line, with ungodly motives then please tell me.

I have no desire to unnecessarily cause pain to anyone, so if  you believe that Mr. Anthony is innocent, please encourage him to provide me with the evidence I have requested, and know I stand fully ready to repent of any sin against him, and fully endorse him and his ministry if he does so.

I would also encourage you to pray for those who have been affected by this.

Sadly, there are several people known personally to me whose faith has been impacted by this, and undoubtedly untold numbers of others who are in a similar situation whom I do not know.

While we indeed rejoice that Mr. Anthony preached the gospel, even out of deceptive motives, and indeed, the Holy Spirit saw fit to save many there in spite of his lies, we lament that many who responded to Mr. Anthony’s story now find themselves in a place of deep questioning about the legitimacy of their conversion and the reality of Christ’s work in their life.

We would ask you to pray for any of those—known or unknown—whose faith has been impacted by these revelations, that the Spirit of God would confirm in their hearts the truth of God’s message, and love for them, the reliability of his saving works, and the dependability of the scriptures, in spite of the fact that these things are often revealed through broken and sinful people.

Next, if you think what I have done is helpful and accurate, please link to it wherever you see a defense of Tony Anthony, especially where that defense includes links to

I would also add, all original written content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license. This license means you are free to use any original content provided here in your own works, including commercial works, as long as credit is given. We have chosen the NoDerivatives version simply to prevent this content from being twisted and its purposes changed, but you are also hereby given permission to use smaller portions of individual responses, or edit individual responses, provided you link back to the original source. Put simply, feel free to quote our responses, or any parts of them, if it helps you, just make sure you credit me, and link back to the site for context, if you are not quoting the entire response verbatim.

Finally, if you would like to financially support this site, please feel free to do so, but do not feel compelled to do so.

You may support me primarily by making a purchase from my online web store or visiting my shop in person if you are ever in Walsall. If you would like to financially support me directly, you can do so by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. Please contact me for details.

I will continue to investigate the claims, and any future evidence which may appear, and will post it here. Several other sites currently exist which claim to support Mr. Anthony, but none of them contain any more substantial arguments than Mr. Bruce’s. If this changes, we may consider addressing them directly.


12 thoughts on “Conclusions

  1. you might wish to contact
    Mr A********* M***********

    He is Tony’s cousin. He may shed some light, if he is willing.

    Editors Note: Upon further consideration, we have decided to remove the name and contact details of Mr. Anthony’s cousin. We have done so to protect the privacy of a man who is not directly involved with this.

    • Thanks for the comment. I am intrigued as to what sort of information he would be able to provide.

      Have you spoken to him before? Do you expect he will support or contradict Tony’s claims?

      I ask only because if it is the latter, to be honest, I can’t see the benefit of dragging him into this… There is already a plethora of evidence against him

      If he does support the story however, and has evidence to back it up (as opposed to another friend or family member just saying “we believe him, and so should you”) then we’d love to see any of the evidence he has.

      By all means, send him our details. I would like nothing more than to have the evidence necessary to take down this site, and apologise to Tony.

    • We have addressed this claim here:

      As we state, his father was Cypriot by birth. He may not self identify as Greek Cypriot, but he was certainly born there. This is significant only in that it gives a much more logical reason why Mr. Anthony would be in Cyprus than that stated in his book—that he was in the employ of an ambassador. Occam’s Razor would suggest that the simpler explanation for his being in Cyprus is the more probable one, absent all other evidence.

      We decided not to go into further details on the Maronite’s in our response to that question because, largely, the For The Sake of the Gospel site admits this, and we generally do not feel the need to dispute most of their claims in this regard. We believe it confirms what his critics have always said about him.

      We wanted our focus to be on giving an explanation as to why he may have chosen to lie about it, which we believe is because knowing his father was born in Cyprus gives a much more convincing reason for him being there, than that he was employed by a diplomat, no evidence of whom exists.

      However, since you raised it here, let me add another couple of comments.

      1. The Maronite community, although Catholic, historically self identify with the Levant (Israel, Palastine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, as well as Cyprus itself). They traditionally speak a version of Arabic, and Greek, not Italian.
      2. The Maronite Catholics are Eastern Catholics, and part of the West Syrian Rite (not the Roman Rite of the Church in Italy). While it is true they are in full communion with the Holy See, they have more in common with the Eastern Orthodox church than they do with the Western church.
      3. The Maronites are defied as a separate religious group, not an ethnic one. Ethnically, they are Greek Cypriot, and the community voluntarily voted to become part of this ethnic group when the Cypriot constitution was ratified.
      4. Claiming that because they are Catholic, not Greek Orthodox, they are also ethnically Italian (as For the Sake of the Truth implies) is like claiming that Christians in the Mizoram province in India should self-identify as Welsh, because they are predominantly Presbyterian, and their Synod is historically affiliated with the Welsh Presbyterian church. This is, of course, not a claim any Mizo’s would make. While they are religiously very similar, they are culturally and ethnically distinct, and self identify as such.
      5. We can find no evidence anywhere to suggest that Maronites in Cyprus self identify as anything other than either Maronites or Greek Cypriots, and certainly not Italian.

      However, it is imperative to stress, the key part of this discussion is SELF-identification, and it is impossible to prove, beyond all doubt, that Mr. Anthony’s father did not view himself as Italian. Self identification is a very fluid and personal thing, making it impossible to completely disprove. We simply do not know enough about him and his ancestry to know with complete certainty that he is not the exception to the rule, the one Maronite who, for whatever reason, did not self-identify as Italian, so we choose to focus on what we do know—that calling his father Italian would serve a purpose if Mr. Anthony was lying about his past, as it would throw the scent off the real reasons for his being in Cyprus as a teenager.

  2. No, I’ve not spoken to his cousin so I don’t know what his reaction would be. I thought speaking to a close relative of his would confirm or demolish TA’s story once and for all.
    Has anyone spoken to an old school friend of his or even better, if we could speak to his mother. Does anyone have her contact details?
    There may be a lot of evidence against him but it’s clearly not enough to stop him and his supporters from continuing to get invitations and giving his “testimony”.

    • It has certainly been implied by John Langlois that the official report did make contact with people who knew him at school, including, perhaps, friends and other family members.

      Unfortunately, Tony Anthony has buried this report, so we will never know.

      This author is not an investigator. We have not done significant original research, and focussed simply on reported the findings of others, most of which was either already in the public domain, or was made public by For the Sake of the Truth.

      This site exists as a point by point rebuttal of that site, therefore, as that site does not contain details on Mr. Anthony’s school friends or family, neither do we.

      We address that which is public here:

      As we say, Dr. Langlois’ open letter implies that other interviews and correspondence may have taken place, and our personal contact with him confirms that they were able to confirm his school history from strong sources.

      I hope this clears things up a little.

      If any correspondence or contact with Mr. Anthony’s school friends, family or anyone else makes its way into the public domain, we will be happy to include it here, please feel free to point us in its direction. However, at this point, we will only be sharing publicly available information, not original research.

  3. Luke, are you aware that Roper Penberthy have published, or are about to publish, a new edition of Taming the Tiger? I raised the issue of credibility following Richard Roper’s announcement on facebook, but the subsequent comments indicate that there is no recognition of any substantial problem with Tony’s story.

    • Hi Jonathan.

      Thank you for your comments.

      I am aware of the fact that Roper Penberthy, through their New Wine Press imprint, has re-published the book. I am—as of today—in possession of a copy of the newly republished book, and am working through it with a view to updating our site accordingly.

      I became aware of this when a customer contacted my bookshop, The Hub, requesting a copy, I have exchanged several emails with Richard Roper, one of the owners of Roper Penberthy, and someone mentioned by name in the acknowledgemnts of the new edition of Taming the Tiger, who has kindly provided me with a review copy.

      Mr. Roper, in the main, seems to be of the opinion that Mr. Anthony deserves to be treated as “innocent until proven guilty” and feels that the claims against Mr. Anthony have never been sufficiently proven, hence his decision to publish the book. Additionally, Jim Penberthy, the Chairman and co-founder of Roper Penberthy (according to his LinkedIn Profile, here: is also listed as the Chairman of The Way internet Christian resource, and is listed as a trustee on their website (

      As you may recall, The Way published a defence of Mr. Anthony, and scathing critique of his defenders here: so perhaps it is not surprising that this particular publisher would not have too many hesitations about re-publishing the book.

      Importantly, however, the article, which criticises Mr. Anthony’s critics, and accuses them of treating him unfairly, and misrepresenting him and “biased and irresponsible opinions, compromises basic principles in journalistic ethics and standards” is, itself a biased, and gross misrepresentation of facts, which falls well short of journalistic standards of ethics.

      It claims “This group has maliciously taken a lot of raw data about Tony Anthony’s life and miscommunicated it in the public domain.” This is not true. The group placed no data “in the public domain”, rather researching information that was already in the public domain, and responsibly disclosing it to his publisher. Furthermore, we have to ask, how can one misrepresent “raw data”. Unless the data is fabricated—and to date all of the data the report against Mr. Anthony, such as his birth date, and name, relies on has not bee disputed, and has, indeed, in most cases been confirmed by his own supporters—raw data is just that, information absent a conclusion, implied or otherwise.

      Furthermore, it claims “The Evangelical Alliance…caused further harm to both Tony and his wider ministry, by not providing the full picture” however, again, this is a clear misrepresentation. The EA selected the panel, but Avanti Ministries employed them to carry out and produce the report. It was Avanti that refused to release the report, which is why we do not have the full picture, even though an edited and discreet summary was available, and produced specifically for public release.

      As you can see, People directly involved in Roper Penberthy, appear to have been supporters of Mr. Anthony from before their decision to publish, and groups affiliated with some of these people, like The Way, have shown bias, and have not demonstrated integrity in representing the claims against Mr. Anthony from the start.

      While I must praise Richard Roper for being open and engaging in real dialogue with me—something that has been sorely lacking from many of Mr. Anthony’s supporters I have encountered thus far—I must confess, I do not expect to find that the bulk of the claims against Mr. Anthony will have been dealt with, only the most egregious and superficial ones which he can no longer plausibly defend, such as the flawed timeline.

      You will probably see updates here over the coming weeks based on the revised book, so keep an eye out.

  4. I worked with Tony for 3 years. All the resources we produced as a ministry Tony plagiarised. He claims they were his and we plagiarised his resources. Oh dear. Such is the extent of Tony’s lies and deception. As an organisation we feel we were raped by this man. Our assessment of Tony is that he is a sick sociopath who has an obsession with being famous. He has absolutely no interest in the the gospel or the glory of Christ. He is an actor of oscar winning proportions. He’ll be loving all the attention he is getting, both good or bad. Who knows where his trail of destruction, lies, and deception will end? Tony found the Church to be a soft touch and it’s only the naive, the gullible, and the theologically thin who are keeping his boat afloat. His sociopathic sickness is being fed by churches and publishing houses which are opening their doors to him. When the Church world finally dries up for Tony, I have absolutely no doubt he will return to his old life in the non-Christian criminal world. Nothing is more certain.

    • Dear PDA.

      Thank you for sharing. I am aware that this has been available for some time, and anyone interested in finding it is able to do so.

      However, I also understand that this was shared without the authorisation or approval of Avanti Ministries, the Evangelical Alliance or Tony Anthony, and for this reason, I have had to remove the link.

      This is done both as a matter of integrity—even though I believe the report should be published, I also recognise the terms under which it was produced, and have therefore committed not to base anything I write here on information contained within it unless Avanti/Tony release it, the EA formally publish it, or a named member of the panel choses to do so unilaterally (which I believe would be their right as authors of the findings)—but also because Tony has demonstrated his litigiousness in the past—indeed, I have been threatened with legal action in the past—and cannot be seen to be facilitating the distribution of material that should not be published.

      I hope you understand.

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