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In mid 2013, an independent investigation into international evangelist Tony Anthony was completed. At the time, the Evangelical Alliance and Avanti Ministries published a joint statement which confirmed that

“based on the evidence submitted to it, that large sections of the book Taming the Tiger, and associated materials, which claim to tell the true story of Tony Anthony’s life, do not do so.”

In the months that followed, I completed, on behalf of my christian bookshop, The Hub Christian Resource Centre, my own investigation into the claims against Tony Anthony.

In the last few weeks, I have been contacted by numerous people, directing me towards websites which claim to prove that Tony Anthony is innocent of the claim against him, defending the accuracy of his story. The most significant of these is forthesakeofthegospel.co.uk a comprehensive website produced by Mr. Ian Bruce. It is significant, in that Tony Anthony links to this site from his homepage’s questions and answers section, effectively making this his official response.

I was contacted by Mr. John Lawson of Escape Ministries, who advised me that this website proved Mr. Anthony’s innocence, and encouraged me to retract my statements against him, Based on the description of the site I agreed to fully reviewing this information from beginning to end, and committed to offering a full retraction of my previous comments against Tony Anthony if any of the evidence presented there was found to exonerate Tony Anthony.

This site is our response to the claims currently being made about Tony Anthony’s innocence.

About the Author

Unlike some of Tony Anthony’s defenders, I believe in full accountability. I encourage you to contact me if there is anything incorrect or inaccurate posted here.

My name is Luke Hughes-Bunger. I am a director at The Hub Christian Resource Centre in Walsall. I am a husband and father, in addition to being an active member of the local church in my area. I am also a member of the board of reference for The Good Bookstall, though any comments I make here are completely independent from The Good Bookstall, and do not necessarily represent their opinions or conclusions. They do, however, represent the opinions, finding and conclusions of my shop, The Hub Christian Resource Centre Ltd. and some of the information presented here has been found in the course of my shops business.

I am not a member of The Research Group, and was not involved in any investigation into Tony Anthony at all prior to the EA and Avanti joint statement. I had previously heard briefly of the claims against Tony Anthony via friends in the Kung Fu community in the late 2000’s or early 2010’s, but had dismissed these at the time, and even actively recommended Tony Anthony’s books, Taming the Tiger and Cry of the Tiger to local schools and for use in prison evangelism, amongst other things.

My involvement in this, therefore, largely stems from that fact. As a bookseller, who had actively recommended this book, and by proxy, Tony Anthony to local churches, schools and ministries, I, like many, was disappointed that no specific answers were offered by Tony Anthony or Avanti Ministries to help us deal with the fallout, and I was therefore forced to uncover the truth myself, before approaching my customers to apologize for selling them a book containing fabrications as truth.

Once I had seen the wealth of evidence against him, and given the lack of evidence to the contrary from Tony Anthony, this lead me to the seemingly obvious conclusion that Tony Anthony’s testimony was as claimed, essentially false. However, I had always claimed that their may be evidence which exonerates him, and always left the door open for Tony Anthony or his supporters to provide it.

Therefore, I was excited by the possibility that forthesakeofthegospel.co.uk may provide such evidence, and approached it with as open a mind as possible, while acknowledging that the burden of proof was on Tony Anthony, given the strength of the evidence already presented by the other side.

This site is my point-by-point response to the information and evidence presented in support of Tony Anthony by Mr. Ian Bruce, and linked to by Tony Anthony himself.

If you have any comments, queries, corrections or concerns about the information presented here, please do not hesitate to contact me.

You may contact me by email, by telephone on 0844 500 99 75 or in writing to:

Luke Hughes-Bunger
C/O The Hub Christian Resource Centre
31-31a Stafford Street


13 thoughts on “About

    • I find it interesting that I found this site at this moment. I know of a Tony that is a compete lier and has written a book claiming thing about himself that are not true. I know this because it’s my story my life story he stole and claimed as his own. I’ve been struggling about weather to expose him by telling my story or just let it go. A pastor told me to let it go because it did good for so many. But I could not get past the lie part and who is the father of all lies,not some lies ALL lies. This site conferms I need to write the book and expose the truth. If this Tony of yours has lied even in part it is of his father SATAN and he should be exposed. God will get him in the end but we should not help him decive no matter what we think we see as “fruit”, there is false “fruit”.

  1. Well done for all you have posted here. It shows that you have worked really hard to set the truth out fully. It is a shame that those directly responsible for publishing his fake story have done nothing to prevent him continuing to attempt to deceive more people. Just wondering if you were aware that TA is still giving his testimony and preaching, and is posting online about doing so as recently as yesterday? http://www.tonyanthony.co.uk/romania-evangelistic-campaign/

    • Thank you for your comment.

      We are in regular contact with many people involved in the prior publication and distribution of Tony Anthony’s lies.

      While we do not necessarily agree with the way all those involved have acted at every point in this process, we are confident that the majority of his publishers, distributors and suppliers are acting in accordance with their genuine christian convictions, and seeking to repair the damage done in various ways. While I appreciate that it is not, at times, what we would like, or the response we would have chosen, I do trust that their decisions come from a genuine place.

      Yes, we are well aware that Tony Anthony has resumed missions work, both abroad and in the UK. Where possible, we are contacting local churches, para-church organisations and christian watchdog groups in those areas, and seeking to ensure that the local population have both sides of the story before attending Tony Anthony’s events.

      Nonetheless, while we absolutely denounce his motives, we continue to rejoice that through the Holy Spirit, people are being convicted, in spite of this fraudulent individual, and would ask you to join us in prayer for all those who hear the Gospel at these events, that the Holy Spirit would work in them, protect them from error, and reveal to them the truth.

      • Are you able to detail what has been done by those sharing responsibility (especially his publishers) to bring him to account for lying?
        Whilst genuine motivations are undisputed, there is surely a need for him to be seen to be held responsible for deliberately misleading everyone, especially as this resulted in financial gain (through support for his ministry etc.). Public damage surely requires public rectification.
        It appears that John Langlois’ fears that, as in other cases, there is a repeat of a christian leader not being sufficiently challenged and so being able to continue in a ministry based on a lie….It feels disturbing that those involved in distributing his false testimony, having heard the pain of those who have been taken in and the resulting faith struggles, have failed to prevent him continuing to do this to others – even today?
        These scenarios do nothing to help our credibility as a church….

      • Anon.

        Thanks again for your comment.

        Since I am not his publisher, your concerns would perhaps be best addressed to them.

        Notwithstanding, based on my conversations with them, I know that they have been in direct contact with numerous publishers worldwide, removing, where possible, the book from publication, at great expense to themselves. I also know that where appropriate, they have made themselves available to groups which have supported him, and members of the public to discuss their perceptions. Additionally, I know that they are still in contact with Tony and his supporters, where the individuals have not broken off contact, in a pastoral role, to attempt to encourage Tony towards repentance and confession himself.

        I know that they are doing more still than this, but I do not feel it would be my place to share. They both have legal considerations, some of which remain ongoing, and personal, moral considerations which have prevented them from doing more at this time.

        I think it is important to stress once more that his publishers were NOT recipients of the report, and all of the information they have had to upon is only that which is already in the public domain, and which there would be only limited benefit in them repeating.

        While I appreciate John Langlois’ fears, it is important to remember that he is in possession of a copy of the full report, his publishers are not. He is in a position to make this public, the publishers are not—yet I have not heard the same criticism of him as I have of the publishers.

        Like the publishers, John has decided, in the main, to act within the confines of the law, and the restrictions it places upon them. Like John, the publishers have decided, according to their conscience, and biblical convictions to act behind the scenes, not in the public sphere, in the main.

        While we may not agree with that, we nonetheless respect that decision.

        On one final note, I think it is very important to stress that Authentic Media, his publisher in the UK, is fundamentally NOT the same company which signed the contract with Tony Anthony. Today, Authentic Media is owned by Koorong Books, a family run Christian Bookseller and distributor based in Australia. At the time of publication, Authentic was the publishing arm of IBS-STL (later renamed Biblica) an organisation originally born out of OM, founded by George Verwer, who I understand played a role in introducing the two.

        Very few, if any, of the people directly involved in publishing the book originally have anything to do with Authentic today, and those which were with the company at the time have very different roles and responsibilities today than they did at the time Taming the Tiger was published. Of course, as a corporate entity, the new management are still responsible for the actions of their predecessors, but I think it is unfair to lay blame on the current management for decisions made in the past.

        Again, I am not saying I agree with their decisions, nor that they are the decisions I would have made or prefered myself, but I do respect them, and firmly believe that they are doing what they believe is right, just as John is doing in choosing not to share the full report, as he previously indicated he may.

  2. I am a member of Tony Anthony ‘s church fellowship when all the accusations of inauthenticity re. his testimony in Taming the Tiger began to proliferate. I have been a supporter of Tony’s evangelistic work, my wife and I often giving hospitality to his co-workers, all of whom (including ex- cons!) we found to be truly committed to The Lord and the extension of God’s kingdom. I continue to have the highest regard for Tony’s passion for the proclamation of the Gospel and his love of The Lord. Moreover, his well-known fellow evangelists, John Lawson and George Osborne, remain constant in their defence of his Christian character and fellowship in the Gospel. I have met Michael Wright (who led him to The Lord), a truly godly man whom I have heard minister the Word, and he continues his support of Tony, too. That the Holy Spirit continues to abundantly bless Tony’s ministry, is evidence of the Lord’s good hand upon His servant.
    Yes, Tony May have made some misreporting of details relating to his early years, and there may have been the use of poetic licence regarding some incidents described therein, but I can assure you that such indiscretions were not made with the intention of being deliberate lies. His heart is always to further the work of the Kingdom.
    I feel strongly that the Evangelical press has been way over the top in hounding and discrediting this man of God: he has been wounded in the house of his friends! Could it be that the Evil One has had a field day because Tony had assaulted his kingdom of darkness?
    Tony does not live in luxury like a telly evangelist, but modestly in rented accommodation and without his own vehicle for transport. Neither has Tony come out to defend himself, just as His Master was dumb before His shearers. His ‘fruitfulness’ will be the best evidence of his union with his Lord and blessing to the church.
    It’s time for the Lord’s head-hunters to be ashamed of this gross example of character assassination; time to lay down the weapons of destruction and call for a truce; time for reconciliation and the opening of hearts in the fellowship of the Gospel.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Paul Lewis

    • Dear Paul.

      Thank you sincerely for your comment. I know this can be very difficult, especially for people who have supported Tony in his ministry to come to terms with.

      I believe much of what you have said is already addressed throughout this site, but Please, would you allow me the privilege of addressing you directly, and prayerfully consider what I have to say, as I have prayerfully considered your concerns, and the concerns of many others.

      Firstly, we are thankful that in his divine grace and mercy the Lord has seen fit to use the Holy Spirit to convict and work in the lives of many people through Tony Anthony’s message. We have constantly maintained this position, and continue to pray for all touched by Tony’s ministry.

      God will establish his plan of salvation for those whom he has chosen through whatever means. Regularly throughout history, this has included using non-believers to bring about his plan of salvation—At one time God even spoke through a Donkey—so we do not presume that just because some have been convicted by the spirit through the message that the messenger is automatically saved. After all, were not many also saved, healed and touched at “revivals” held by Marjoe Gortner. This is just one example—there are dozens of examples of people who have genuinely met jesus through the words and actions of people who were not really ever saved, and never really knew jesus for themselves.

      In the early 2000’s I spent 3 years with a missionary organisation. I saw people changed and come to Christ thanks to the preaching and testimony of many people whom I served with. Today, I remain Facebook friends with many of them and am amazed by the number of these people which are no longer walking with Christ, and who when pushed, claim they never truly believed or experienced Jesus themselves, in spite of what they were telling people.

      Nonetheless, I appreciate your insiders view, and continue to pray for those who have been touched by Tony.

      With regards to Tony’s fellow evangelists, I have spoken to several, and of late the support of some has been far from unwavering. Have you personally spoken to people like George Osborn recently? I would encourage you to do so. Nonetheless, is entirely possible for good Christian men to be deceived, if it were not, the scriptures would not so consistently tell us “Do not be deceived”. Just because Christian men like John Lawson and Michael Wright continue to support Tony, does not validate his testimony, nor invalidate their ministry, just demonstrates that they have been deceived by a master deceiver. Again, Marjoe was welcomed into many churches full of good Christian people who brought into his ministry wholesale, and endorsed him and his work.

      Next, you admit Tony has misreported some details of his past. I would be interested to know which details you accept he misreported.

      Do you accept that he misreported that he spent significant parts of his childhood in China?
      Do you accept that he misreported that he was ever involved in Kung Fu at a professional level?
      Do you accept that he misreported that he was ever a high profile bodyguard to a high level ambassador?

      I have personally offered to Mr. Anthony to fully retract all statements I have previously made about him, repent of our sin against him, and fully endorse him, his testimony and his ministry if he can provide me with specific documentary evidence to back up key claims of his story.

      I have agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement, with a £100,000 penalty if I reveal any of the names, places or otherwise confidential agreement revealed to me by Mr. Anthony.

      Specifically, I asked him for:

      1: The Chinese name under which he competed in Kung Fu World Championships, and the name of the sanctioning body which certified these championships.

      2: Any documentary evidence, including, but not limited to, passport stamps, international visas, plane ticket stubs, photographic evidence from a Chinese airport or other verifiable Chinese location, or any postmarked and dated letters from friends, family or anyone at all addressed to Mr. Anthony in China or any other documentary evidence which proves that he spent any time in China as a child.

      3: The name, nationality and rank of the international diplomat he was close protection bodyguard for, and the actual dates of his employment with him.

      He declined to offer any such evidence.

      As I mentioned, I agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement, including a £100,000 penalty if I revealed the real name of the organisation, or the Chinese name he competed with. He had nothing to lose by revealing this, unless such evidence simply does not exist, or does not verify his story.

      Put simply, there is no evidence that any of these things happened. They make up a significant part of Tony’s early testimony, and he continues to claim these facts as accurate and truthful.

      We have demonstrated the sheer improbability of his claims, given the lack of evidence the following places.


      We cannot judge this mans heart, only God can do that. We cannot know his motivations, whether his intentions were to deliberately lie or not. But what we can know is that continuing to repeat them, even after the mountains of evidence which indicates that they are untrue, without either providing real evidence to support them is deceitful.

      Has the evangelical press pursued Tony unnecessarily? I don’t think so. Tony was given several years to respond to these claims from the time they were first raised on Bullshido back in 2007. For much of that, he had the full support and backing of the Christian community, and it was only when he refused to provide evidence in the “house of his friends”, surrounded by his supporters, that some were forced to question him deeper. The response by the Christian media is, I think, appropriate and measured when weighed against the profile and platform afforded to him.

      “Could it be that the Evil One has had a field day because Tony had assaulted his kingdom of darkness?” Indeed it could, and if Tony’s testimony is true, this would be a grave concern indeed.

      However, is that not all the more reason to put the facts and the evidence out there. If true, would that not finally put an end to this assault of the enemy. Would that not allow people like myself to repent of the wrong I have done and rid myself of The devil’s influence over me?

      As a supposed Christian minister, shouldn’t that be Tony’s primary goal? Shouldn’t Tony want to silence the devil, and his influence in the lives of those Christians who have thus far been unconvinced by the truthfulness of Tony’s testimony?

      Sadly, rather than this response, Tony has shown consistent hostility towards people like myself. He has defended his story, but offered no evidence to support it, leaving a huge foothold for the Devil. True or false, the devil gets a major win while Tony refuses to provide the evidence, or confess his lies.

      With regards to clams Tony lives in luxury, we have never claimed anything to the contrary. It is a straw man argument. Please see this question: http://tonyanthonytruth.com/questions-and-answers/11-tony-anthony-has-sold-so-many-books-that-he-is-now-a-millionaire-living-in-a-privately-owned-home-with-a-luxurious-swimming-pool-in-his-back-garden-is-this-true/

      With regard to “dignified silence” we believe this is not an appropriate Biblical response. Jesus was silent because he knew it was his time to go to the cross, the very reason for which he came to the earth. Nonetheless, right throughout scripture, we see example after example of people defending themselves and the truth of their testimony when, as you readily admit, the gospel is at stake. I would encourage you to read the following:
      We think it is an accurate and biblical presentation presentation, and offers great support for the concept of defending ourselves against false accusations.

      Many have pointed out that Tony Anthony is “fruitful”, appealing to Matthew 7, “By their fruits, you shall know them”. However, it is very important not to confuse a harvest of souls, with fruit. Salvation is a work of the holy spirit alone. Salvation belongs to The Lord, and none of us should boast in that.

      Rather, the scriptures define fruit very differently. The Fruits of the Spirit are defined as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Sadly, Tony Anthony has proved that he is lacking several of these. He has not shown kindness to his critics, nor his followers—After all, is it kind to continue to deceive your supporters? He did not show kindness, gentleness or self control when dealing with the Greek Restaurant owner? Did he show Goodness or faithfulness in continuing to lie about the Hit and Run accident long into the trial?

      Indeed, if we shall know them by their fruits I have some grave concerns about Tony Anthony’s union with the Lord based on these facts.

      Indeed, the same chapter which tells us that we shall know them by their fruits, also extols us not to equate apparent favour blessing to the church with the faithfulness of the messenger. “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’” (Matthew 7:21-23, ESV)

      Many will claim to speak in God’s name, Cast out demons, and see many great and mighty works in the name of Jesus, yet still be outside of his clock.

      Am I a Christian Head-Hunter, have I done this merely to assassinate the character of a Christian man out of jealousy, contempt, or even because I have opened up my heart to the deception of the Devil? I do not think so. Believe me, I would like nothing more than to reconcile with Tony Anthony. I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong, to take down this blog, and to support Tony Anthony’s ministry.

      I stand awaiting to be corrected. I stand ready to accept the evidence which supports Tony’s testimony. I will gladly shout as loud as I can, in as many places as I can that I was wrong, and I apologise, if it exists.

      But at least right now, I cannot do that. The evidence doesn’t exist, or at least, it hasn’t been presented yet. In order for us to have fellowship, it must be based in truth, and right now, sadly, that remains sorely lacking on Tony Anthony’s part.

      Please accept this for what it is. It is my genuine conviction, based on many hours of looking at as much evidence as I can find, and many more hours of prayer, bible study, and spiritual reflection.

      I cannot judge your heart, so chose to accept that you are also coming from the same place.

      Clearly, one of us has to be wrong. I hope it is me, but fear, given all that I have seen, that it is not.

      Nonetheless, you remain my brother in Christ.

      I will continue to pray for you, that The Lord would keep you in his arms, draw you deeper into his presence, and, if necessary, reveal to you the truth of this situation, and would request that you pray the same for me.

      In Christ

    • Paul,
      Mr Anthony has been shown to be deceptive and dishonest. He has never repented of this. By supporting him, you support falsehoods.

  3. Thank you for the time and effort put into this. Some may say it is not worth it but I totally agree with the argument that the truth is more important than using lies to try and win people into the kingdom. When we lose our focus on what is right even for the blink of an eye, problems occur and the foundations of everything done for God’s glory must be totally beyond reproach. I believe this is not the case with Mr. Anthony and am sad he refuses to admit this whilst hiding behind arguments he claims are spiritual but which actually simply allow him to escape accountability and responsibility. People with charisma and passion like him can fool a lot of people into thinking he is in the right despite his lies but this is sadly not the case – he is in the wrong and needs to listen to those rebuking and correcting him in love. When people are heavily invested in something emotionally they often cannot see clearly what is going on in their situation and will use every justification under the Sun to make themselves and others feel better about their decisions and opinions.
    I pray for Mr. Anthony that he will decide to base his ministry on truth alone which I believe God can then use to do even more amazing things that he and others have seen already. Amen.

    • Dear Phil.

      Thank you for your kind words. There are certainly times when I question if it is worth the time and effort this has taken, but comments like this always remind me that ultimately, Truth is one aspect God claims for himself. It is a name Jesus gives himself, alongside the way, and the life, in perhaps one of the most well known verses in the bible.

      Like you, I think sadness is a feeling that pervades this whole situation. Sadness at Tony’s refusal to embrace the forgiveness that Christ offers, and the freedom that confession brings. Sadness that people continue to be taken in by him, only to have their confidence rocked when things inevitably come crashing down. Sadness that many people have already been hurt by Tony’s actions. And sadness that well-meaning christian people, my brothers and sisters, keep enabling him to continue his ministry.

      But that is nonetheless tinged with joy that, no matter what, Christ will be vindicated, God will be glorified, and he will draw to him those whom he has called and chosen, no matter the means.

      I echo your prayer for Tony, and encourage you to continue doing that. It’s easy to lose focus some times, but we must never forget that Tony’s soul is just as precious as anyone else’s, he is just as much in need of forgiveness as any one of us, but, just as importantly, just as forgiveable, if only he will embrace that forgiveness that Christ offers. Lets continue to pray for Tony, for his family, and for those who have been effected by him. Lets never stop praying and interceding that Tony finds forgiveness in the one who calls himself Truth.

  4. I worked with Tony for 3 years. All the resources we produced as a ministry Tony plagiarised. He now claims they were his and we plagiarised his resources. Such is the extent of Tony’s lies and deception. As an organisation we feel we were raped by this man. In our opinion he is a very sick sociopath who has an obsession with being famous. Who knows where he trail of destruction, lies, and deception will end. I would predict jail again. Tony found the Church to be a soft touch and it’s only the naive and gullible who are keeping his boat afloat.

  5. From the very beginning, I knew that there was something very fishy about Tony’s story. I’m a Christian who also happen to be ethnic Chinese who can speak several Chinese dialects, have studied kungfu before and know a thing or two about Chinese culture & recent history & many things in his story are definitely not correct ! Anyway, good that truth has prevailed.

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